The Background to MUVE

Mid Ulster Victims’ Empowerment has an office at 34 Fairhill Road, Cookstown. We are currently open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.15am – 4.15pm and Friday 9.15am – 3.15pm however it is advisable to phone before visiting as we may be on house calls etc.

MUVE was set up in 2012 by a dedicated group of volunteers in the Mid-Ulster area.

MUVE’s main aim is to offer help and support to innocent victims affected by the Troubles within this geographical area and beyond. Our members include those bereaved, physically and psychologically disabled/affected by the Troubles. As well as affected civilians, we also have a high percentage of ex- servicemen and women and welcome all who have served the community in any capacity e.g. UDR CGC, RUC GC, Northern Ireland Prison Service, Emergency Services etc. We are a family based group and work trans-generationally from grandparents to grandchildren.

MUVE provides services, advice, and support to individuals, families and groups in order to promote wellbeing. MUVE’s services include directly or indirectly (e.g. via another similar group), welfare, advocacy, complementary therapies, counselling, recreational activities (art and crafts), excursions, respite breaks, adventure weekends for children and more.

MUVE’s services are open to all its members.

MUVE Membership is open to:

  • Any innocent victim of the Troubles (compliant with the 2006 Victims and Survivors Order). This can cover bereavement, physical injury, psychological injury or carers.
  • Any individual over 18 years who has an interest in or wants to contribute to the development of the group.

MUVE’s primary sponsor is the Victims & Survivors Service (VSS) and we are also funded for individual events through a number of other agencies.